The Adventures Of Rosie & Daisy At Drift Creek Falls

March 27, 2009


The falls with the suspension bridge in the background.

The falls with the suspension bridge in the background.



Yesterday we were getting ready to go for what we thought was a walk around the park, or maybe a trip to Petco, but to our surprise wound up at Drift Creek Falls in Lincoln City, Oregon.  It took about an hour to get there, but it was worth the wait. We’ve put on a few pounds over the winter, so we are doing our best to get out and get some exercise. (Plus mom has put on a few extra pounds too, but don’t tell her we said so!).

When we first got out of the car, we were wondering why so many people were there with shoes covered in mud. They had smiles on their faces though, so we were not too worried.  We started walking down a path through the woods. Pretty soon we were walking through mud up to our bellies. There was a lot of great stuff to look at though, so we kept going. We practically dragged our mom down the hill we were so excited!

Once in a while we’d see other people or dogs along the trail. We eventually came to a really long suspension bridge. Some guys rocked it when we were in the middle. Yikes! But we kept our calm and didn’t panic. Shortly after that, we arrived at a very big waterfall.  We made it!

As we made our way back up the trail, we took it a little slower. We took the time to greet the people and dogs that passed us on their way down the trail. We waited for Tia to take pictures too.

The entire hike was 3 miles, so we were pooped when we got back to the car. Naturally we slept all the way home and after a nice warm bath, we spend the evening on the couch underneath the throw blanket.

Oregon is a beautiful place and we can’t wait for our next big adventure! Check out this link for more info:


Rosie & Daisy





How to find the right people to follow on Twitter.

February 17, 2009

We just read that Barack Obama has more followers than anyone else on Twitter… I guess that is not too suprising since he is the President after all. What about the rest of us who are relatively unknown? For example, a couple of tiny dogs that rarely get out of the small town where we live? Our owner wants us to teach people about “social networking”, but how do we find the people? More importantly, how do we find the “right” people? We are not interested in quantity, but quality of contacts, so we try to target the people we think might be interested, or who would know people who might be interested  in what we are doing. 

We did some digging (pun intended) and found some great resources we’d like to share…

  1. Check out the Twitter users with the most followers. You might want to follow some of them. See the top 100 at: Just click the screen name, click on the link to their Twitter page, and click the “follow” button. It’s that easy!
  2. We clicked on “Find People” and used the “Find on Twitter” tab to look up people we knew were on there. (Like our owner, Victoria.)
  3. We also used the “Find on other networks” tabs and clicked on “Yahoo” because we have a contact list in our Yahoo email. We put our email and login info in, and it provided a list of all our contacts so we could choose who to send an email to and invite to follow us. (This is also possible with Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, and MSN contacts).
  4. We used the “Invite by email” tab to invite other  people we know who were not otherwise contacted. All you need is their email address. 
  5. We check our homepage and started clicking on the contacts we had so far. We checked their “following” and “followers” lists for people we knew and wanted to invite to follow us. 
  6. Put a link in your email signature line, on your website or blog so people can “follow you on Twitter”. Our link (a.k.a. URL) is (Yours would start the same and have your Twitter username in place of “Rosieand Daisy”. You can find it under the “Settings” tab, then the “Account” tab. It is listed after your username.

Here is another interesting blog on this topic by Mack Collier: He has some additional ways to find people.

Let us know if you have other good ideas for finding the right followers on Twitter!


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